What is your planning style?

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We all know the saying “fail to plan, plan to fail” so especially as the New Year approaches, most of us try very hard to plan ahead. We create lists of resolutions, goals and more to do lists. Some of us may even display them in a place where we can be reminded daily to work on them.

Unfortunately, not many of us take time to ask questions like:

  • What planning style do I use?
  • Is that planning style effective for me?
  • Does it motivate me?

The purpose of asking the above questions is not only to get a bit of insight of how you operate. It also has the aim of creating effective plans and staying motivated throughout the year.

So before you start your New Year planning, have a look at the four major planning styles and think which one describes you best:

1. Objective oriented planning – this is your style if you love setting goals, targets and deadlines. You are motivated by the process and order of moving step by step to the final destination.

TIP: You will find the method of setting SMART goals very useful as it allows you to set a number of objectives which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

2. Domain and direction planning – you love to have a vision of your perfect future. The detailed description of your final destination is what motivates you to move forward rather than specific steps towards it. You have a tendency to figuring out the necessary steps as you go along.

TIP: Start your New Year’s planning with writing up your “personal vision.” There are plenty of inspirational questions to get you started; such as “what 27 things would you like to do or accomplish before you die” or “if you had a magic wand, what ideal life would you create?”

3. Task oriented planning – you are motivated by the longs lists of tasks that you need and want to do. You roughly know your final destination but your main focus is on the specific tasks which later on will form the steps to get you to the final destination.

TIP: As much as it important for you to create your list of “everything” that needs to be done, remember to prioritise your tasks so that you are concentrating on the important ones first.

4. Present oriented planning – you have a tendency to concentrate on what is in front of you and take actions here and now rather than to spend much time planning and visioning. You know that in order to make things happen, you need to take action.

TIP: As much as acting here and now is very important, take some time to create a list of future tasks so that you are sure that you are not only busy but you also are making a difference.

With your preferred planning style in mind, we are almost three quarters of the way through 2021 – so it’s time to start planning your New Year!

I wish you lots of effective planning and a great amount of success!

Written by K Mitura

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