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LinkedIn networking

In the current job market, it is no longer enough to simply have a solid CV. You now need a professional online presence to land a job.

A good place to start is Linkedin – an online networking platform that allows you to connect with employers and recruiters.

There are two reasons why we are so hot about LinkedIn and in particular, its use for young people:

  • It is all about networking – in the current job market, it is all about the network. Simply because people control information, resources and opportunities. Therefore, if you’re looking for an opportunity, you are really looking for people. Since last year LinkedIn hit 774 million members, the platform therefore allows young people to look for the right people with the right opportunities.
  • It is all about digital job hunting – With currently 14 million active job listings, along with 94% of recruiters using LinkedIn to vet young talent, young people can get access to an ocean of opportunities.

See some more mind blowing LinkedIn facts on Kinsta here.


What to suggest to young people who are really keen to take advantage of LinkedIn?

There are four basic actions that I highly recommend for young people to undertake on LinkedIn:


If a young person has a profile on LinkedIn but does not use it, then there  is not much point! It is like going to a networking event but hiding in the corner, you are there but you are not doing the main thing: networking!

It is therefore important that a young person builds their network by connecting with various professionals and is active within the network by sharing interesting posts, taking part in discussions and blogging.


Joining groups on LinkedIn is an important action to take not only because the young person shows they are social but also because they get access to industry knowledge.

Young people should join groups relevant to their professional interests so that they can keep posted on the relevant news and publications, gain insights into a selected industry by networking with experts and employers and to get access to the job postings that are recommended by group members.


As already mentioned, LinkedIn has a significant amount of job postings every year. Young people can browse the advertised jobs according to their chosen criteria: salary, location or level of expertise.

After identifying the position of their interest,  they can view the basic job details, the number of applicants who have already applied for the selected role as well as the name of the person responsible for managing the recruitment process within the organisation. The last feature allows young people to build rapport with employer even before applying.

Finally, a young person has two options when comes to applying for the selected opportunity: applying on the company website or applying via their LinkedIn profile that gets sent to the employer.


On LinkedIn companies have business pages featuring their achievements, services and careers.

If young people are particularly passionate for working at certain companies, they can stay on top of the company updates and job postings by following them on LinkedIn.

Using business pages on LinkedIn, young people can also conduct in depth research about certain business before attending interviews or an assessment centre.

There is more to Linkedin than the above suggested actions but this toolbox is a great place to start for young people who are keen to take advantage of this networking platform!

Written by K Mitura

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